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In all the reviews I’ve posted here over the years on Taking The Short View, I very rarely give or even allude to a final ‘star rating’ or marks out of five. That’s been kind of intentional, since if you give such a brief summary of the review then the chances are that the average reader will simply look at that and not go through all the additional nuanced detail contained in the main body of the review itself. I know I’m as guilty as anyone on this matter.

However, the database where I keep my records of DVD and Blu-ray reviews has a field for stars-out-of-five and I dutifully add a value every time I add a new entry, so I decided that I’d share all those values from the titles that I’ve watched over the course of the last year in case it’s of any use to anyone who might have felt that the original reviews were lacking in this information.

In each case, the text contains a link back to the original post so it’s easy to click to remind yourself of the detail of the film or show in question, so in other words this is a fairly naked attempt to re-promote some of the earlier posts on the site and drum up some extra mid-summer traffic. Some of the links go to the same destination, where reviews have been collected into one combined post or other.

You might ask how come some of the source reviews are from much longer ago that the last 12 months, and the answer is simply that these are titles I’ve rewatched again since the original review was posted, bringing it back within the last 12 months. Note that I don’t have offline records for non-DVD/Blu-ray reviews so there’s nothing here for books, etc. And some of the titles don’t have a link to a matching review on the site because I never posted a review of it for some reason or other, which means that there’s some ‘new’ material here amongst the summer repeats.

I should add that this is emphatically a one-off post of its kind, for the simple reason that in future I will be including a star rating at the end of every post, not just for DVDs and Blu-rays but also for wider TV and film reviews and for books and anything else that I cover. It’ll be at the end of each piece from now on – assuming that I remember! – in the hope that in the course of scrolling down the page to see it you’ll still spare a glance at the body of the review as well. Although based on my own bad behaviour with other people’s views, maybe that’s being unrealistic!

I hope it’s useful, interesting and worth a few seconds of skimming time. Here goes:

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