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My website dashboard tells me that this is the 500th entry on Taking The Short View since the very first post entitled “Coming soon” made its appearance here on February 8, 2011.

500I’m quite amazed that the site still going, four and a half years later; and that I’ve had enough material to justify so many posts in the meantime. It’s certainly one of my longest commitments in terms of online personal projects, and is surely a sufficiently significant landmark to be worth a small mention and a brief moment of pause, reflection and even perhaps a little celebration.

When I first embarked on Taking The Short View all that time ago, it was motivated by two thoughts. One was the belief that I watch enough TV, films and DVD, read enough books and see enough shows that a reviews-based blog would probably be the one thing that I would never want for material, inspiration and ideas. And the other was that I thought Taking The Short View was a nice, quirky and catchy title for the whole endeavour.

As we reach the 500th post, both of those convictions seem to have been borne out. The list of things to review keeps on piling up (the trouble is finding the time to get around to them all!) and has been pleasingly diverse, ranging from the latest TV shows and films all the way back to classics of the 1920s. While Doctor Who and Nordic Noir has arguably been the backbone of the site’s output over the years I think there’s been plenty else to tuck into as well.

How many things have we actually reviewed over the years? Not all of those 500 posts have been reviews – there have been bits of blog business like this, and feature pieces, and wide-ranging collaborations. But at the same time these have surely been more than made up for by multi-review posts like our recent Fall TV seven-up review, or reviews of up to ten episodes of 1970s suspense anthology series Thriller in one go, and of course the two special “bumper’ posts on James Bond and Harry Potter which between them manage to give reviews of 33 major motion pictures. Okay, quite short reviews – but then, that makes them arguably truer to the original spirit I had in mind for the blog than many of my more protracted offerings over the years.

So what’s in store for the site for the future? Honestly, I have no better idea now than I did when the site started. Who knows what will be covered tomorrow, or next week, or next month? Part of the fun of this for me is the not knowing, of being surprised but never disappointed by what’s coming up. So I guess I’ll just keep doing what I’m doing and hope what some of you out there enjoy reading the results of that labour.

So how long will it continue: another 500 posts? Another four and a half years? Who knows. It seems far-fetched to think in such terms but then I didn’t expect it to last more than a few months in the first place. And the makers of Doctor Who figured they’d be lucky to last 13 weeks and are now passing their 52nd birthday, so anything’s possible. Although to reach that sort of landmark, I would definitely need more than a couple of regenerations to keep me ticking over long enough to make it!

Taking The Short View continues on all days of the week and is available on your local Internet Service Provider.

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