Special features

Along with the usual fare of reviews, from time to time I indulge in something a little more off the beaten track with a special extra-long feature on a particular topic, or a themed collection of review collected together in one post. Here is a list of all such features that have appeared on Take The Short View to date.


Gerry Anderson (1929-2012)
A look back at the work of Gerry Anderson, the man behind many of the TV shows that shaped my childhood including Stingray, Thunderbirds and Space 1999.
December 27, 2012

A brief personal history of time travel
In which I try and untangle my memories of just how and when I got so caught up in watching Doctor Who as a very young child.
March 3, 2013

Oh all right, just one more… post about binging
As a follow-up to a post I wrote in collaboration with Generation Star Wars’ John Hood, I offer up some more observations about my changing relationship with the notion of ‘binging’ on films and TV programmes via DVD boxsets.
August 29, 2013

Doctor Who: The Regeneration Game
A discussion of one of the most extraordinary and important parts of Doctor Who lore – regeneration. When and how exactly did it become part of the series’ enduring myth? If you think it’s in 1966 then I am to persuade you otherwise…
January 25, 2014

All I want from the new Doctor is… [Doctor Who, BBC One]
Before Peter Capaldi’s first season as the Doctor, I had some thoughts about what I would like to see from the latest incarnation of the Time Lord.
August 9, 2014

Themed collections of reviews

A Bumper Post of Bond Reviews
From Dr No to Skyfall, here’s a full set of capsule reviews of all the James Bond movies – including the unofficial releases of Casino Royale and Never Say Never Again.
October 26, 2012

A Bumper Post of Harry Potter Reviews
As part of Christmas 2013, I watched all eight of the Harry Potter film series within a fortnight, and offer up views on each film and on the progression of the series as a whole.
January 7, 2014

Thriller – Lady Killer et al
A first set of review from the Thriller boxset, beginning with the first-ever episode Lady Killer before jumping ahead to the fourth season with the episodes Night Is The Time For Killing, and Nurse Will Make It Better starring Diana Dors.
April 16, 2012

Thriller – Screamer et al
More reviews from the Thriller boxset, comprising the episodes Screamer, Killer With Two Faces, A Killer In Every Corner, Where The Action Is, If It’s A Man – Hang Up, The Double Kill, Won’t Write Home Mom – I’m Dead and The Crazy Kill.
May 5, 2012

Thriller – The Next Voice You See et al
And a further ten reviews from the Thriller boxset, comprising the episodes Good Salary, Prospects, Free Coffin; The Next Voice You See; Murder Motel; Sleepwalker; The Next Victim; Nightmare For A Nightingale; Dial a Deadly Number; Kill Two Birds; A Midsummer Nightmare; and Death In Deep Water.
October 9, 2015

Thriller – Someone at the Top of the Stairs et al
Having reached the end of the series with the previous post, we loop all the way back to the start and pick up with the second episode of the first season and three more episodes that follow: Possession, Someone at the Top of the Stairs, An Echo of Theresa, and The Colour of Blood.
April 2019

Best of the year summaries

A quick top ten of 2011
The best film and TV programmes reviewed in 2011, with links to the original reviews of each.
December 31, 2011

Top Picks of the Year: 2013
The things we liked the best in 2013, with links to the original reviews of each.
December 30, 2013

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