Billy Burke

Revolution S1 E1 (Sky One)

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There’s bad news and there’s good news about Sky One’s new tentpole science fiction series from the JJ Abrams stable, Revolution. The bad news is that it’s not very good at all and is only borderline watchable. The good news is that it’s not actually dire: just very, very disappointing.

Credit where its due, it has a great initial concept – what if all electrical power on earth suddenly stopped working? And it kicks that off with an effective first five minutes showing the lights go out all over the planet, including planes dropping from the sky. Visually this part looks great, and indeed the FX of the post-power landscapes are also genuinely eye-popping. Unfortunately all of this good stuff has already been shown in the incessant trailers for the series that have pervaded every ad break on Sky over the last month. Read the rest of this entry »