Comfort Viewing Special: Bones, Castle, Criminal Minds, NCIS

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While it probably appears from this blog that I write about every last thing I see, read or hear, the truth is that there’s a whole class of television programs that I watch on a reasonably regular basis but which I rarely engage any critical faculties toward. Mainly US crime shows, they are ‘comfort viewing’ programmes or possibly more accurately wallpaper shows – things that are on but which normally wouldn’t get a mention on Taking The Short View. I thought might just this once make an exception… Read the rest of this entry »

What I’ve been watching (May 3-9)

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Sometimes I’m asked how I decide what to review on this blog, and the answer’s pretty simple – it’s whatever I happen to have watched, read, seen or listened to that week. I never choose to watch something purely to review it, which at least means that everything I review here is something that I actually wanted to see and why a negative post is usually a function of genuine disappointment rather than because it’s not my sort of thing in the first place.

But I don’t review everything I see/hear/watch in a week – I do have a life, strange as that seems to me as well I’m sure as to you. I cherry-pick the things I have something (new) to say rather than just churning out the same comments on an ongoing series for the sake of it. However, I thought as a one-off experiment, what I’d do here in this Very Special Post is run through the disturbingly long list of things that I have watched on the screen in the last seven days just to put a little context around the posts that did make it to the big time so far in May … Read the rest of this entry »