Conviction S1E1 “Pilot” (Sky Living)

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convictionConviction is a brand new television series from ABC Studios, but the main problem is that you’ve seen pretty much exactly the same thing on TV hundreds of times before. Like a piece of pre-fab, flat-pack furniture, it’s been quickly and efficiently assembled but the result is a bland piece of furniture, one of thousands of identical units to be found in the corner of living rooms across the country. You can practically hear the show’s production team reading the instructions out loud which tell them to insert tab A into slot B to construct the show’s format.

If you want to know, the premise is as follows: brilliant defence attorney Hayes Morrison is appointed (somewhat against her will) to lead a ‘conviction integrity unit’ charged with investigating past prosecutions to insure that the right person is indeed in jail. For some completely arbitrary reason, the case of the week is allocated only five days which means that the show gets to artificially amp the tension with a ticking clock countdown before they are forced to move on. Read the rest of this entry »