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Watching the detectives: Line of Duty; Follow the Money; The Team; Broadchurch; Vera

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Without question we’re living in the middle of a crime spree. Television crime, that is. While the streets have arguably never been safer in real life, the small screen is delivering a never-ending stream of criminal activity right into our living rooms – and it seems we just can’t get enough of it.

Here’s a look at five detective shows that are currently back on the evening schedules. Spoiler alert: they’re all really worth watching, providing that you can stomach the glut of nefarious deeds on display! Read the rest of this entry »

EuroNoir roundup 2: Spin S2, Occupied S1 E2-10, Trapped S1 E3-4, Follow The Money S1 E1-4, Blue Eyes S1 E1

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Apologies for March having been such a quiet time here on Taking The Short View. Unfortunately I’ve had a lot of work on, and even if I hadn’t there has been something of a dearth of subjects that I’ve been motivated to write about this month. But I’ll try and make up for it with a little flurry of end-of-month activity, brought to you courtesy of the extra free time made available courtesy of the Easter long weekend in the UK.

I’ll start with a pick-up post following on from a previous entry made in the middle of January, as we continued to be inundated by all manner of new European drama offerings across multiple channels… Read the rest of this entry »