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Sneaky Pete S1 (Amazon Prime)

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I’m rather a fan of con and heist stories, so I confess that I was predisposed to like Sneaky Pete from the start. But this one is perhaps a little different from the kind of movies and TV shows from the genre that we’re used to.

These days the image we have from film and television of con men is a rather glamorous one – Brad Pitt and George Clooney striding through Las Vegas casinos on their way to scoring hundreds of millions of dollars in a daring heist, for example. Or there’s Adrian Lester, Marc Warren and Jamie Murray having impish fun on a small screen budget in Hustle. Then there’s Tim Hutton and his gang of latter day Merry Men (and women) using their grifter skills to right wrongs for others. Either way it all looks good fun, doesn’t it?

Of course the real world reality is a much grimmer and grimier affair. Grifters live in a darker, dirtier and altogether more dangerous world, surviving from hand to mouth and lucky to get away with stealing a few dollars and cents which they’ll gladly take from anyone gullible enough to fall for one of their cons. Usually they’re less than a day away from disaster – from being arrested if they’re lucky, or being beaten to a pulp by a deadly rival or a furious victim if they’re not. Read the rest of this entry »