House of Cards

Forthcoming Attractions: June 2015

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Is it just me, or was May an extraordinarily quiet month in terms of home entertainment releases? Looking back I realise that I only purchased two new titles for the entire month, which must be an all-time low for me since I first purchased a DVD player over a decade ago. Ironically the two titles that did come out in May now sit next to each other on my alphabetically organised shelf as if cowering for mutual safety, since the first was Birdman and the second was Big Hero 6 – there will be a review of the latter shortly.

ex-bluBut with May over and done with, June arrives and it’s like someone has turned the taps on full blast because on the very first day of the month we get a torrent of big titles – more in 24 hours than the whole of last month in fact. So I thought I’d take the liberty of a one-off change from reviews to previews with this ‘Forthcoming Attractions’ piece; think of it as a back door pilot for possible future appearances of the same sort of article. If you think of it at all, that is. Read the rest of this entry »

A brave new (media) world

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In a special post published both here on Taking The Short View and also on Generation Star Wars, bloggers Andrew Lewin and John Hood discuss some of the new developments in media consumption – from binge viewing to 3D, Blu-ray to streaming media, and the effect of social media on how we watch what we watch…

Having seen your recent Facebook posts and excited tweets as you speed-watched Netflix’s first foray into original programming, it seems to me that House of Cards is a watershed in more ways than one – not least because it’s the first time that anyone has expressly created a show for people to consume all in one gulp, rather than in the measured doses that we get with broadcast networks’ weekly schedules.

Is this the way things are going to go? Will we all be binging from this point on, guzzling down entire 13-part series in one weekend as fast as we can stuff them into our eyes? Read the rest of this entry »