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Debug (2014) [DVD]

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Let’s be honest, you don’t exactly have any great expectations when you impulse-buy a DVD at the supermarket checkout for £7. The surprise then about Debug – a low budget science fiction/horror film from Canada – is that it’s no where near as bad as its price point suggests it should be. It looks pretty decent with stylish spaceship sets, perfectly adequate CGI FX along with some moody direction and effective low-key music, while the script by Rise of the Planet of the Apes’s David Hewlitt (who also directs) is rather deeper and better informed than you’d expect it be from something of its kind.

Unfortunately, having achieved lift off from the realms of “so bad, it’s good,” Debug then stalls and comes to a dead stop deep in the no man’s land of mediocrity. The slow-burn direction that works pretty well in the first act, and which is a nice change from the ADHD fast-cutting of most modern films, then fails to actually kick into any higher gear when the action nominally picks up. That leaves the whole thing sleepwalking along at a snail’s pace just when it needs to get going, and it’s hard not to feel bored and downright impossible not to be alienated by the end result. Read the rest of this entry »