Jean-Hugues Anglade

The Passenger (All 4)

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Contains some spoilers

passenger-1Just in case there isn’t enough foreign language drama currently being broadcast in the UK, Channel 4 have set up their own special streaming service called Walter Presents, available via their All 4 catch-up on demand platform, which gives access to even more productions from around the world.

One of the latest additions to the service is The Passenger, a six-part thriller from France starring Jean-Hugues Anglade and Raphaëlle Agogué as psychiatrist Mathias Freire and police captain Anaïs Châtelet respectively who team up to investigate a series of killings of local vagrants, with all of the bodies staged to resemble stories from classical mythology such as Prometheus, Oedipus or Icarus. It’s an unusually Hollywood set-up for a French production, given that the country is fiercely proud about doing things the Gallic way and not giving up its cultural heritage in the face of an influx of media from the English speaking world. Read the rest of this entry »