Jonathan Kellerman

“Mystery” (2011) and “Time Bomb” (1990), by Jonathan Kellerman

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mysteryI’ve been reading Jonathan Kellerman’s Los Angeles-set crime series based on the character of child psychologist Alex Delaware ever since I stumbled across the first in the now 30-strong series when I was an undergraduate student at the University of York. That was a very long time ago indeed, and a lot of water has flowed under the bridge – and equally a lot of words have flowed from Kellerman’s pen in the meantime.

Where once I would be an avid reader of the latest Delaware thriller, I’ve fallen behind with the series in recent years and the book I just got around to reading over the New Year – Mystery – was actually released in 2011. In it, Alex investigates the death of a young woman after it turns out he and his partner Robin were among the last people to see her alive at a downtown bar the previous evening. The trail leads to a high-end online dating site, interviews with a number of people who may or may not be involved, and another dead body turning up in LA scrubland before things are wrapped up. Read the rest of this entry »