Jussi Adler-Olsen

The Keeper of Lost Causes (2013) [BBC Four]

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A slightly late (and brief) review of a new entry to BBC Four’s Nordic Noir slot on Saturday evenings.

keeperEntitled The Keeper of Lost Causes, this 90-minute feature film from Danish production company Zentropa is based on a book by Jussi Adler-Olsen featuring Detective Carl Mørck, the head of a new cold case unit working in Copenhagen. Mørck is there in disgrace after his rash actions in a previous case left one partner dead and another paralysed, so his current team now consists of one administrative assistant – a Syrian immigrant named Assad – and it’s presumed that Mørck will see out his time rubber-stamping old casefiles until he quits. Naturally he doesn’t, and instead becomes obsessed with a case that Assad has unearthed about the disappearance and presumed suicide three years ago of Merete Lynggaard (Sonja Richter), an up-and-coming female politician. The original investigation was sketchy to say the least and so Mørck digs deeper despite warnings from his superiors to drop it. Read the rest of this entry »