Krystof Hádek

The Lens S1 (All 4) [2014]

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the-lensIt’s only natural that we should have preconceived ideas about what a drama from Sweden, Denmark, Norway or Iceland should be like; or equally, a production from France, Germany, Italy, Australia or even from Britain or the US. For sure, those expectations may very well end up being confounded or overturned, but we generally still have a certain sense of what’s coming.

I have to confess that this was very much not the case when it came to what to expect of crime thrillers from the Czech Republic, and as a result I was intrigued by the prospect of The Lens (original title Clona), the story of wannabe filmmaker Roman (a likeable turn from Krystof Hádek) who fails to win a place at film school and instead grudgingly follows his father into working as a police traffic officer. When his father is a victim of a hit-and-run attack, Roman joins a small elite band of detectives as their photographer, cameraman and video forensics officer. Read the rest of this entry »