Legion S1 E1-2 (Fox)

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legionTired of the overwhelming number of superhero shows and films around at the moment? Then you probably groaned to see yet another one added to the list with the arrival of Legion, a Marvel Studios mini-series based on a minor character from the X-Men comics. But don’t come to any hasty conclusions: this is a superhero story unlike anything you’ve seen before; indeed, it’s unlike any other show, period.

The central character is David Haller, a psychiatric patient diagnosed with severe schizophrenia. Among other things he has hallucinations in which he is a powerful mutant with telepathic and telekinetic abilities, which is of course complete nonsense. But an encounter with a fellow patient leads to him leaving the hospital and being taken in by a group of similarly gifted people who teach David that his abilities are very real, and that his powers are needed if the mutants are to overcome persecution from the government’s sinister Division 3… Read the rest of this entry »