Mr Robot

Mr Robot S1 (2015) (Amazon Prime/DVD)

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A thriller about technology and hacking is the sort of thing that’s right up my street, and I’ve been keen to watch Mr Robot for ages. Thanks to Amazon Prime I’ve finally got around to digesting the first ten episodes, and I have to say it didn’t disappoint.

At the same time, neither was it quite what I was expecting – which is good, actually. It’s much rougher and more authentic, stylishly directed and photographed but never forgetting that it lives on the streets of New York City every bit as much as the sleek corporate offices that tower over the skyline, their chief executives looking down on the teaming masses below and utterly disconnected and removed from ordinary people both physically and mentally.

It’s a story with its roots in the Occupy campaigns, a drama about the rage and helplessness that normal folks feel in the 21st century as prices spiral, banks foreclose and surveillance is everywhere. That oppressive malevolence is represented in Mr Robot by the not-too-subtly named E Corp which hacktivist Elliot Alderson (Rami Malek) targets, aiming to wipe out the international conglomerate’s records which will free millions of people of their debt – and potentially crash the entire capitalist system worldwide. Read the rest of this entry »