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Prey S1 E1-2 (ITV) and 24: Live Another Day E1-2 (Sky One)

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I seem to be about the only person who isn’t completely enamoured by ITV’s new crime thriller mini-series Prey, and I’m not entirely certain why that should be. It certainly has some very strong aspects to it, but overall I’m left feeling rather cool and somewhat unengaged by it while critics all around me are swooning into its arms.

prey-iconThe story by TV newcomer Chris Lunt centres on police detective Marcus Farrow (John Simm) who finds himself arrested for a bloody killing he didn’t commit. Convinced he’s being framed because of his investigation into the case of a long-dead Turkish gangster, he goes on the run to solve that murder and by extension also the one he’s accused of, and has to evade his own former colleagues in the process. That gives rise to a hybrid drama, part all-action thriller and part crime procedural which is unusual for British productions but not so much in the wider scheme of things – the most obvious forebear being the TV and film versions of The Fugitive, but there’s also strong hints of 24 and the Bourne films in both the premise and the execution. Read the rest of this entry »