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The Moonstone (2016) [BBC One]

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Straightforward, faithful adaptations of literary classics used to be the backbone of UK evening drama, but it’s been a while since valuable prime time has been permitted on such endeavours without them perforce becoming big-budget, all-star, sexed-up spectaculars even at the cost of taking increasing liberties with the source material.

moonstoneThe last time The Moonstone was made for television was 20 years ago and you can’t imagine it finding a home in the evening schedules these days. Fortunately, the BBC’s daytime programming has stepped into the breach: it has been developing a very impressive line of simple but effective drama productions of late including Father Brown, WPC 56 and The Coroner, to which now can be added a brand new five-part mini-series of Wilkie Collins’ 1868 work scripted by Rachael Flowerday and Sasha Hails and directed by Lisa Mulcahy. Read the rest of this entry »