The Bells of Saint John

Doctor Who: The Bells of Saint John (BBC1)

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It’s good to get back underway once more with the stop-start drip-feed of new Doctor Who. “The Bells of Saint John” is actually episode 7 of series 7, which follows on from the final instalment of the Ponds (“The Angels Take Manhattan”) six months ago by way of the one-off Christmas Day special “The Snowmen”, so this is already feeling like the most protracted season of the show of all time.

Still, such a prolonged wait only adds to the anticipation of a new run of episodes – which is all well and good when they deliver against the raised expectations. This one had a lot to do to achieve that, considering the Christmas special was such a very impressive affair, but by and large it managed to do so and was a very positive and enjoyable way of getting back underway. Read the rest of this entry »